Undead Assault is back

Tuesday, March 17, 2020
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Hello there, everyone! over the last few weeks, some of you have been watching and hearing rumours about Undead Assault coming back.

For those of you who don’t know about it, Undead Assault is an audiogame that consists of surviving against infinite hordes of zombies, playing single or in a team with up to 3 more players.

In 2016, I released this slittle game and kept updating it for several versions. However, unfortunately, due to some situations in life and work requirements, I had to stop coding, and later hosting, the game because it was generating quite a lot of server associated costs and it was practically impossible to keep paying for those.

However, in late 2019, I was contacted by some guys from both blind Games, a Russian community devoted to talking and sharing information about audiogames and game accessibility in general, and Tiflo Host, a non profit project intended to help blind and visually impaired people, getting some free resources to learn how to develop websites, including web hosting up to 10 GB of space, which wanted to know about the reasons why I had left Undead Assault’s development. After some conversations, they made me a proposal about some resources, including servers and web hosting, to host the game. So the infrastructure costs associated with having the game running would be much easier to be covered by myself. After thinking about the proposal for several weeks, I accepted it, so I started looking for the Undead Assault’s source code, which had been modified a lot by myself during my spare time, even after the game was no longer online.

Some people would think that putting a game back online is rather easy, if you already have the source code, well, it isn’t, buddies. Over the years, Undead Assault migrated to Python 3, which changed a few important libraries, and I made quite a lot of changes both in the game and server performance wich makes it a very different game to what we had in 2016 but still similar in its game mechanisms. So, after those changes were made, and a 2 week waiting period after the Russian version release date, I am pleased to announce that Undead Assault is Officially also released worlwide today!

Some things you gotta read before the download

Now you know why I started the game again. And I have to thank the people from these two Russian projects I have mentionned, for giving me a hand with this.

There is a rule for new releases, though. And I want to remind people about this everywhere, since some users are not exactly respectful of this deal. Everytime there is a new Undead Assault release, it will go out to the Russian blind Games community, they will be the first group in having the newest versions available; two weeks after the updates are published in the Blind Games community, the same version, with exactly the same features, will be released worldwide and everyone else will be able to enjoy it at the same time. If you have read until here, I would like to ask you, please, not to try registering in the blind Games community if you don’t know russian; doing so just for the exclusivity of having the game before your friends may get you banned in the game, which is valid for both Russian and worldwide versions, so, please respect the rules, don’t register in the Blind Games community if you aren’t able to interact with them without needing a translator, and everything will be great for everyone.

Important version notes

This is the first publicly available version of Undead Assault after 2020. This version should be very similar to the version you might remember, though there are some important changes I have noted below.

  • The game has been released intentionally by using the same elements and mechanisms so you can remember how to play it again.
  • At the moment, the documentation is not included in the game because it’s been rewritten.
  • Translations may be slightly out of date.
  • the automatic update feature won’t work. Thus when a new update is available, you will need to download Undead Assault again, fortunately, the auto update feature will work as before, in the next version.
  • Share your score on twitter won’t be available.
  • For gamepad users, haptic feedback will not work.
  • There are 4 available servers when connecting. Please try to connect to the server closer to your location. Those are independent servers, so you will need to create a new account in each server you want to use, and will have a rank in every server aswell. For the current moment, the USA and Canada based servers are fully operational, the “main server” is closed and the Russia based server will be ready after friday for european people, though if USA or canada work well for you then it’s also fine.
  • There are many many changes in sounds. Also acoustics are generally different in the map.

Finally, you can Download this version now, from the official Undead Assault website. Thank you for playing!


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