Our family is expanding by one

Friday, July 15, 2022
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Hi there! Today I wanted to make this post, which I think will be shorter than what I usually publish and completely personal (no tech related stuff for now, sorry). The situation is that I have some news that I would like to share and I can’t help but do so. As of about 6 weeks ago, according to medical studies, Leidi, who is my wife, and I, are waiting for a new member to our family. I still can’t believe this, to tell you the truth. We had been determined for some time that it was time to start thinking about settling down and starting a family. We get along very well, with ups and downs, as every relationship does, but we feel that we have the communication, stability and are mature enough to face our next step in life. About a week ago, at a lab test, we got the news we had been waiting for for some time. Our family, which previously consisted of two people, will now consist of a third member, who has decided to hit the road and perhaps, if things work out as they should, which I hope they will, be able to arrive in this world on his own in early March of next year.

There is so much to experience in this adventure that is just beginning. I personally find myself reading a lot about pregnancy, and there is certainly so much to learn! Also, of course, some things have happened with our families and the disability (what if he/she will born blind? How are you going to take care of him, being completely blind?), which I’m sure will lead to more arguments and one or two upsets. But with everything and fights, which we definitely plan to ignore, it is wonderful to be able to live this stage, which I certainly never imagined living. My stance on having a family was a little different before. I don’t think I was mature enough to believe that a new life dependent on my care and attention sounded like a good idea. But I think with time and with the strengthening of our relationship, I have matured enough and now my desires are very different and I am sure I will do my best to take care of our baby as he deserves. At the moment we are a little nervous, but we can’t wait for March to arrive and with it the birth of this new life that is already expected at home. I will be telling you about our adventures as we expand our family.


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