Some updates about our baby

Thursday, October 13, 2022
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Three months have already passed since the date of my last post. In these months many changes have occurred in our family, although they all focus on a single member: our baby. I have also noticed some changes present in us, there is no doubt that the proximity of parenthood completely changes many things and ways in which we see some situations. In my personal experience, I honestly never thought I would use these pages to tell anything about our process now that we will be parents, but life is like that, full of changes, discoveries and growth. And this has definitely been growth. It’s amazing to wake up in the wee hours of the morning (I tend to do it occasionally) and be amazed at how much time is left before our baby meets the world from another perspective, outside of mom’s womb, one that will last a lifetime. I also can’t help but feel excited as we “get to know him” more and more. Because getting to know him starts from now on, and I sincerely believe that following closely every step we take, every advance and change that occurs in the various stages of his development even during pregnancy is one of the best things I have been able to enjoy throughout my life.

As for his health and development, we are fortunate to see that everything is going very well. Throughout these months we have been able to do a couple of ultrasounds and general exams to check the way our baby continues to develop, and so far everything indicates that he is doing very well. Every time we do the ultrasound he doubles in size! I even think that the next few months, starting in the fifth month, is where his growth will pick up a lot more speed. At the moment he seems to measure a little over 14 centimeters and weigh a little over a quarter of a kilogram, but little by little he will increase, until, we hope, he will reach the regular measurements and weight of a baby when he is about to be born. By the way, the estimated date of his birth will be March 2, although the doctor has told us that there could be a deviation of 14 days over that date, so he could be born between the second half of February and the first half of March, although the ideal, according to the studies, is the 2nd. Now I understand more about everything being relative in the universe. Because time seems to be moving so slow right now…

Another important point that I did not want to leave without commenting is the doctor at the ultrasound center. For the baby’s ultrasound, we went to an ultrasound center that is very close to our home. From the first study, the doctor has shown an impressive human quality and very rarely seen in other health professionals, it must be said. Knowing that pregnancy is a wonderful stage for the vast majority of future parents, since the first ultrasound she has been making a small drawing in relief of the most important parts of the photograph that can be seen in the study. So we, as blind people, can find out the approximate figure of our baby and we can also follow its development in a closer way, without limiting ourselves to what we are told by what is seen in the images. Not only that, but she has been taking the time to help us go through, explore and understand the various parts of the picture that she highlights so that we can be sure of what we can touch and what it means. Truth be told, I have rarely felt so confident about the images of a health exam, and although I know she will probably never read these lines, her gesture has earned all our admiration from day one.

Of course, this week we have had a couple of other positive surprises from the baby. First and foremost, we have finally started to feel some movement. They are still not very noticeable from outside the mother’s womb, but they can be felt, yes they can. The second thing is that in the last study we have gone to, they have revealed the gender of the baby. It will be a boy, and his name will be John Alejandro. This so that it will carry names that are common and well representative of the countries of origin of both parents.

At this moment there is not much more to tell. We are still waiting for time to pass, and although the birth is getting closer and closer, it still seems to us that time is moving very slowly. We also try to continue to stay informed about the next stages in Alejandro’s development, as well as continue to get to know him and connect with him in any way we can. Soon his movements should become more noticeable and he should experience even more growth, and we will certainly not miss that moment. This new adventure is yet to begin, and we couldn’t be happier with the road we have traveled so far, but we look forward to continuing to live it all.


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