About me

I am a software developer born in Mexico. My main programming language is Python, and I have some experience in PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and a bit of C/C++. My first language is Spanish, I also speak English and I am trying to learn Russian. Some day I hope I will learn russian properly.

Besides programming, I like to try new devices and tech stuff. I bought a raspberry Pi in 2016 and started to explore it. I wanted to create a project by using a raspberry Pi and some other hardware and software modules, but it couldn't be done. Anyway I have learnt alot about it and what it can do. Currently I am using it mainly for watching TV, but I hope later I can get back to code in RPI.

Also in 2016, I have created my own little company (warning: it's only in Spanish). I sell Linux virtual private servers and a software I wrote for handling a virtual radio station via a web interface. I can't say it makes me rich, but at least we are in 2018 and the site is still alive. That's already something!


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