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Welcome to my blog. I am kind of proud of it because i wrote it myself. Of course it means it is very likely to have nasty errors and other things that should be fixed by using a popular CMS. But anyway, I like to learn and wanted to re-write (yes, again) my entire website by using DJango. Here I will write about whatever will happen in my life, related to anything in particular. I may come up with software development, something that happened with my dog, thoughts or something else. Thanks for reading!

DIY NAS: Operating system

Hello there, As I mentioned in a [previous post,][3] i have purchased an amazing odroid XU-4 and wanted to use it for a DIY NAS server (a lot of 3 … Read more

A new family member: Welcome aboard, Odroid XU-4

Hello there, Over the last couple of years, I have repurposed a few [Raspberry Pi'S][0] sitting around in a corner in my bedroom to act as a [Home NAS][1] (network … Read more

Moving to Python 3

Over the past 6 months, approximately, I have been revisiting some of my projects written in Python (that means, basically all my public projects plus some more that have been … Read more

Socializer 0.17 has been released

Yesterday I have released a new version of [Socializer,]( the VK accessible client I am developing. In this post I want to talk about what happened in the development process … Read more

socializer: Accessible VK client V0.16

Two years ago, in february 2016, I have started to code an application called [Socializer.]( Its goal is to be a full featured windows client to use all features present … Read more

Sentence finder: my first Django project

During the last few months, I have been captivated by Django and its rich set of features. I have been learning a few different technologies recently, including [Django]( and [Flask.]( … Read more

My personal problem with the guy behind OnToys

If you are a reader of my blog, you may know I post alot of technical stuff here. If you are not, what are you waiting for? Subscribe and read! … Read more

A little weekend project: mudder, a GUI around Lyntin

Sometimes I am getting bored when I am having a long time coding in the same project. Usually I just code something else, or watch an episode of a TV … Read more

My new project: MusicDL, a simple music downloader

Here I'd like to write something about the new project I am developing. It's called [MusicDL,][19] and its purpose is simple: it should allow searching, playing and downloading music from … Read more




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