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Welcome to my blog. I am kind of proud of it because i wrote it myself. Of course it means it is very likely to have nasty errors and other things that should be fixed by using a popular CMS. But anyway, I like to learn and wanted to re-write (yes, again) my entire website by using DJango. Here I will write about whatever will happen in my life, related to anything in particular. I may come up with software development, something that happened with my dog, thoughts or something else. Thanks for reading!

MusicDL version 2020.07.31 has been released

Hello there, everyone. I have been wanting to revisit and update some of my projects (including some past projects I have ditched over the years) to make my software up … Read more

Undead Assault is back

Hello there, everyone! over the last few weeks, some of you have been watching and hearing rumours about Undead Assault coming back. For those of you who don't know about … Read more

DIY NAS: Operating system

Hello there, As I mentioned in a [previous post,][3] i have purchased an amazing odroid XU-4 and wanted to use it for a DIY NAS server (a lot of 3 … Read more

A new family member: Welcome aboard, Odroid XU-4

Hello there, Over the last couple of years, I have repurposed a few [Raspberry Pi'S][0] sitting around in a corner in my bedroom to act as a [Home NAS][1] (network … Read more

Moving to Python 3

Over the past 6 months, approximately, I have been revisiting some of my projects written in Python (that means, basically all my public projects plus some more that have been … Read more

Socializer 0.17 has been released

Yesterday I have released a new version of [Socializer,]( the VK accessible client I am developing. In this post I want to talk about what happened in the development process … Read more

socializer: Accessible VK client V0.16

Two years ago, in february 2016, I have started to code an application called [Socializer.]( Its goal is to be a full featured windows client to use all features present … Read more

Sentence finder: my first Django project

During the last few months, I have been captivated by Django and its rich set of features. I have been learning a few different technologies recently, including [Django]( and [Flask.]( … Read more

My personal problem with the guy behind OnToys

If you are a reader of my blog, you may know I post alot of technical stuff here. If you are not, what are you waiting for? Subscribe and read! … Read more

A little weekend project: mudder, a GUI around Lyntin

Sometimes I am getting bored when I am having a long time coding in the same project. Usually I just code something else, or watch an episode of a TV … Read more




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