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Here you will read a very simple tutorial on how to get started with MusicDL. The program's interface should be easy to use, however there are some important features you may find here. Please read carefully this document before asking for help or suggesting a feature.


In order to start using MusicDL, just type the text (artist name, song name, etc) you want to search in the search box. The search box should be the first item focused when the program starts. By default, MusicDL will search in Youtube for the text you entered. If you are OK with it, press enter. If you want to select a different search service, press tab and choose the one you want in the combo box. If you changed to a different search service, press tab once and hit the search button. MusicDL will search the text you want. Depending in the services and your internet connection, this may take a moment. If you want to track the search progress, you can read the status bar of the window. The status bar is the main informative item when something is taking place in the program. You will find information when MusicDL it's searching, playing or downloading a song in the status bar. If there are no results for your search, the status bar will indicate it with a message similar to 'No results found'.

If your search has results, the application will focus automatically in the list of results. Here you will see an item for each search result in the service you specified. You can query the status bar for checking how many results it found.

If you want to play a result, just press enter on it. Depending in the service and your internet connection, playing a result may take some time. In some services (such as, you can find results unable to be played because their audio files have been removed. If there is an error playing your result file, you will see a notification about it. If you are using, it can be a problem in their side, if you are using Youtube or VK, it can be a problem in your internet connection or MusicDL's supported audio codecs. You should try to play the file a few more times (in case it's a slow internet connection that is the problem), and if it does not work, try with other results from the list.

You can download a result by opening the contextual menu on it and selecting 'Download'. You will be asked for a name and location where you will save the file. Again, you can check the status bar for tracking the download progress. When finished, you will receive a notification. For now, it is allowed to download only a result at once. It means, you will have to wait until the current download finishes before downloading a new file.

Finally, you can enjoy playing your files by using the available keyboard shorcuts (read below) or by using the menu bar.

Keyboard shortcuts

Here you will see a list of keyboard shortcuts available in MusicDL. Take into account that you need to be focusing the results list in order to use any of them.


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