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Socializer is an application designed to bring accessibility and ease of use to the most relevant features available in VK (formerly VKontakte), the largest Russian social network. VK is available in a variety of languages and includes lots of features that converts this social network in a modern and safe place. This application is being currently developed and its source code is publicly available in Github. Feel free to collaborate by reporting bugs or sending pull requests or translations.

Please note that the features available in the application are not fully tested or implemented. Socializer will receive more features and functionality in the near future. The application includes an auto updater, so when there is a new version available, you will be notified and the application will be able to update itself By following an automatic process.

In this page you will find a download link, if you’d like to test the most recent code from the repository and the documentation for the application. If You want to report an error, you can use the Issue Tracker included in Github or contact me through the main menu in this website.


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